Mission Statement // PEPWorldwide History

PEPWorldwide is an international network of consulting offices spanning three continents.

Since PEPWorldwide was incorporated in Florida in 1984, IBT offices have opened in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, South Africa, Venezuela, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, Korea, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and the United States. From inception, the aim of every IBT office has been to provide intensely practical methods for assisting clients to accomplish their organizational objectives.

The aim of PEPWorldwide is to make it possible to provide IBT services world-wide by opening and supporting offices in other countries.

Our revenue growth rate since 1985 has averaged 20%. A major contributor to our growth has been the success of IBT's mainstay product, the unique Personal Efficiency Program, 'PEP.' Over 1,000,000 executives and staff of many of the world's leading organizations have completed the PEP program.

IBT offices have assisted client companies to use PEP in its various forms to help managers, professionals and support staff perform their jobs more efficiently and concentrate on those elements which are crucial to achieving their corporate objectives. IBT consultants are highly skilled in helping knowledge workers effectively process, store, retrieve and act on large volumes of information which are the hallmark of information age organizations.

IBT provides the link between human behavior and technology.

"Coaching People to Work Smarter"