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Can your people handle the increased workload and maintain service and quality?

Poor work habits and systems impede productivity and customer service. Efficient administrative practices allow more time for productive work output. These, like quality and service skills, have to be taught and reinforced. If they are not, managers and staff often fall into costly pitfalls:

How many of these are occurring in your department right now?

White collar efficiency requires individual work process training.

We help your team members develop the individual habits, skills and systems needed to efficiently process work in the information age. We provide world class models of excellent individual work processes and a methodology for continuous improvement of one's own processes.

The Personal Efficiency Program

The Personal Efficiency Program, PEP is an effective new approach to work management. It is not a seminar or course. It doesn't require being out of the office for a day learning about time management. It is not about using cleverly designed calendars or systems for setting priorities.

Our Unique
Hands-on Approach

The Formula
That Gets Results

You'll like PEP because it will help you achieve your objectives faster. Your staff will like PEP because it really does make their jobs easier and less stressful.

What Should You Do?

Talk to us now about a low-cost pilot program which will let you evaluate the benefits of our unique methodology. Procrastination is the great killer of productivity. It can also undermine your impulse to contact us and improve your situation. Call us now and discuss your needs. Why do you need greater efficiency?

Once we understand your needs, we can propose a strategy to meet them, targeting and tailoring the Personal Efficiency Program to address them head on.

Let us show you how to put PEP into your continuous improvement process.

"Coaching People to Work Smarter"