Personal Efficiency Program (PEP)

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This PEP Program is designed for those people who have planning responsibility and direct reports.

The Program is conducted in four separate meetings which span several months. The participants first meet as a group, followed by extensive one-on-one coaching sessions conducted in the real world environment of their individual offices. Effective follow-up and coaching are integral elements of the Program designed to ensure that the methods and technologies taught in the Program are reinforced.

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EXECUTIVE PEP is custom designed for the busy senior executive whose schedule does not allow time to participate in a standard PEP program. In addition to the PEP format, the program addresses specific issues of interest to the participant.

The program is completely one-on-one (the executive's assistant should be included in a portion of the program) and spans either two full-days or four half-days.

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The Administrative PEP Program is designed for administrative, clerical or support staff who perform their job on a day to day basis. Participants generally have no one reporting to them, have minimum project work and have little need for long term planning. This program includes minimum hands-on consulting as well as the seminar program. Emphasis is placed on the DO IT NOW and ORGANIZING philosophies of PEP. Program follow-up is also part of this program to help ensure the effectiveness of PEP is being maintained on a quality level. The group size for this program is 10 - 15 clerical staff.


CASCADE PEP focuses on the utilization of IBT staff to facilitate the program while client personnel are acting as coaches. Managers who have graduated from the PEP Program help train their own staff and/or the staff of others.

IBT staff trains and certifies the client's personnel as coaches. IBT also provides course materials, develops implementation design, and monitors for quality.

CASCADE PEP is designed on an agreed upon basis with clients who have participated in IBT staff delivered programs.

IBT staff conduct CASCADE PEP Programs for large groups of client personnel.

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netPEP is delivered to participants in their work stations via their computer. The program utilizes self-teaching methodology which allows the participants to learn the PEP process at their own pace. IBT personnel provide coaching to the attendees to ensure behavioral change occurs. Several of the PEP Programs, including Work Process PEP, Organizational PEP, and MOVE PEP, are available in electronic formats.

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SALES & MARKETING PEP follows the same format and time line as the MANAGER PEP program. However, extensive time is devoted to the unique needs of those involved in sales. Project implementation planning focused on market penetration, implementation, and follow-through skills are detailed. Establishing rapport and developing and maintaining a relationship of trust with customers are discussed in detail. Proactive calendar usage and the application of time as a resource provide powerful tools for success in the sales arena.

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MOVE PEP recognized the special "window of opportunity" that presents itself when the decision is made to move either a department or an entire organization. Companies typically will spend many thousands of dollars per employee for hardware (furniture) where people will be positioned to do work. This hardware is limited without effective software. MOVE PEP is the software which will improve the ability of personnel to accomplish work in a consistently high quality environment. Hoteling, walled, free space, or open landscaped office designs will dictate the specifics of the MOVE PEP program.

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IBT will conduct training programs to train individuals within an organization to teach the PEP Program to other employees. This program includes initial training and follow-up, video tape resources, trainer manuals and workbooks for the Train-The-Trainer participants. This program allows organizations to design a more flexible and cost effective training schedule to fit their individual needs. Each participant in the Train-The-Trainer program will be trained in an interactive format allowing that person to receive hands-on experience in PEP training. This helps ensure that both the organization and trainer receive the most benefits from the program. We encourage organizations to first get experience with PEP through our other delivery modes and before considering a Train-The-Trainer program, as it requires a significant commitment of resources.

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This program is for groups who have meetings on a frequent basis; for example, management groups with participants from several management levels.

The purpose of the program is to:

MEM will cover:

"Coaching People to Work Smarter"