The Institute for Business Technology is an international company, celebrating its twentieth year of business. We have a proven track record of client results and an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients to use as references.

If you are interested in growing a training and consulting business in your area, PEP Worldwide's credentials are a tremendous asset. You will be part of an international network which currently is represented in twenty countries.

PEP Worldwide's core service, the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) is one of the most effective training programs ever designed. Its hands-on methodology, combined with follow-up visits, produce very strong results. As a PEP trainer, you are constantly rewarded by the visible results you help your clients achieve, and by their appreciation of your help.


We have worked with enough different licensees to know what qualities are necessary for success:

MOTIVATION - The desire to grow one's own business and to do something to improve people's lives.
TIME - The ability to spend AT LEAST 50% of one's time developing your marketplace.
FINANCES - The personal finances to spend SIX MONTHS developing your market before needing to realize a revenue return.
SALES - Capable of doing the high-volume networking and cold calling required to develop your market.
BUSINESS - Adequate experience working in organizations to speak credibly to the problems and concerns of management.
PEOPLE - Genuine empathy with people that will encourage them to open up in one-on-one coaching.
INTEGRITY - Always prepared to go the extra mile and do the right thing for clients and associates.


1. Review PEP Worldwide materials, available on our Web Site and through our Country offices.
2. Complete a Licensee Application.
3. Contact appropriate PEP Worldwide Country Manager and arrange a meeting.
4. Get all questions answered.
5. PEP Worldwide and prospective licensee sign licensing agreement.
6. Write action plan for developing market.
7. Begin market development.
8. Get trained and certified.

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